Mortgage brokers are better

It’s normal to feel lost when it comes to home mortgages. But you don’t have to go through it alone. A mortgage broker can walk you through the application process in a way that makes sense, reduces stress, and leaves you feeling confident, not helpless.

What is a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker is a licensed and regulated financial professional who works with a variety of lenders to help borrowers secure financing for a home or other property. Brokers act as intermediaries between borrowers and lenders. They are most often paid by lenders and can sometimes be paid by borrowers but by law, never both.

Mortgage brokers not only help borrowers find the best mortgage rates and terms, they also assist with the mortgage application process. This includes gathering financial documentation and completing loan applications on behalf of the borrower. Brokers may also provide guidance on financial planning, budgeting, and credit repair.

Brokers versus lenders

What’s the difference between a mortgage lender and a mortgage broker?

Mortgage lender

A mortgage lender is a financial institution or individual that provides loans directly to borrowers to finance the purchase of a home or other real estate property.

Mortgage lenders can be banks, credit unions, or other financial institutions that offer a range of their own mortgage products, such as fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable-rate mortgages, and jumbo loans.

Mortgage broker

A mortgage broker is a professional who helps borrowers find and apply for the most suitable mortgage product for their needs.

Unlike a bank or other financial institution, brokers don’t lend their own money, so they aren’t limited to a narrow range of home loan options. Mortgage brokers work with a variety of lenders — who offer dozens of different loan products — to help borrowers find the best solution for their current circumstances.

What are the benefits of using a mortgage broker?

01. One-stop shopping

Working with a mortgage broker can be a more convenient way to shop for a mortgage — Borrowers can compare multiple loan offers from different lenders through a single broker.

02. Cost savings

In some cases, mortgage brokers may be able to secure lower mortgage rates or fees compared to what borrowers could get from a bank or other financial institution.

03. Variety of mortgage products

Mortgage brokers have access to dozens of loan products from multiple lenders. which means they can help borrowers find the most suitable loan for their needs.

04. Expertise and guidance

Brokers are trained professionals who have a deep understanding of the mortgage industry. They can help borrowers navigate the mortgage process and make informed decisions about their loan.

05. Streamlined process

Mortgage brokers handle much of the legwork involved in the mortgage process, including gathering documentation and completing loan applications on behalf of the borrower. This can save borrowers time and effort and make the process of securing a mortgage more efficient.

06. Personalized service

Mortgage brokers often provide personalized service and attention to individual borrowers, helping them understand their options and find a mortgage that meets their needs and goals.

California mortgage brokers

In California, mortgage brokers are licensed by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE), a state agency focused on safeguarding and promoting the public interest in real estate matters through licensure, regulation, education, and enforcement.

This special licensing gives California mortgage brokers a breadth of knowledge in real estate matters that goes well beyond the typical “application taker.” Our ongoing education and broad expertise can really make a difference in unusual or complex real estate transactions.

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What makes Network Mortgage special?

01. We’re experienced

Founded in 1994, our vision is to provide mortgage help to our friends, families, and clients all over California — from Crescent City to San Diego. We are a trusted mortgage brokerage that values long term relationships, with a desire to create clients for life.

02. We really listen

We answer your questions and explain the mortgage process in a down-to-earth language that is easy to understand. Real estate lending is complicated, but we aim to make home loans easier for you, your family, and your Realtor.

03. Local application process

Unlike many banks, we handle all loan applications locally, right here in our Chico, California office. From start to finish, your loan is in our hands. And you can call us at any time to find out the status of your application.

04. Wide range of loan programs

Unlike banks or credit unions Network Mortgage has access to dozens of loan programs offered by industry-leading lenders. This gives us the ability to help find the best loan for your situation.

05. Competitive rates and fees

Because of our access to so many loan products, it’s unlikely that you’d be able to find a better rate elsewhere. Remember, a bank only offers their own products, but we can offer solutions from a lot of different lenders.

06. We’re friendly

When it comes to getting a mortgage, you have lots of choices. We understand that. We’re not a franchise, a satellite branch, or a loan production office for some big bank. We’re a small business dedicated to helping you find the right home loan. To us, every customer is a gift. And you’ll always be treated like one.

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