Loan Limits

Mortgages that exceed the conforming loan limit are classified as nonconforming or jumbo loans. The terms and conditions of nonconforming mortgages can vary widely from lender to lender, but the interest rates and minimum down payment for jumbo loans are typically higher because they carry greater risk for a lender.

Conforming mortgage limits

The “Loan Limits” button below leads to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s FHA Mortgage Limits page. This interactive form allows you to look up current government and conforming loan rate limits for your area. If you need help with any of the terminology, check out our Glossary.

The following tips will help you find the correct information:

  1. Select California from the “State” dropdown menu.
  2. Enter the name of the “County” in which the property is located.
  3. From the “Limit Type” dropdown, select one:
    • FHA Forward (government loans)
    • HECM (reverse mortgages)
    • Fannie/Freddie (conforming loans — most common)
  4. From the “Limit Year” dropdown, select the current year (CY).
  5. Click the “Send” button.

Loan limits